A lady had narrated the encounter she had with a Taxify driver who made her reminisce the times she tried staying up late at night just to welcome her dad.

She reminded of those days after the Taxify driver answered a call from his daughter while on the trip.

She wrote:

Y’all my Taxify driver tonight was an absolute delight. His daughter called while we were on the trip and she told him that she was staying awake so she would meet him and she asked him to buy food for her. My heart leaped a lot and my feelings became mixed.

It made me remember all the times my siblings and I would fall asleep in the sitting room waiting for my dad to come back with things he bought on his way back. I did a lot of self preparation before I finally summoned up the courage to ask how old his daughter is

He told me that she had just turned eight this past week. I asked if he always met them awake but he said, only on weekends because he was always on the road most of the time. Look, I wanted to cry but I held myself and continued with my questions.

In between questioning him, I opened my bank app and the rest is history. I made him promise to buy that food with the money I sent and he did the most he called his daughter who I had by now learnt was called Ayomide. He told her what I had done and she started praying.

There’s something about the prayer of an eight year old. She prayed for one good minute and said at the end of the prayer that she loved me. So genuine and pure. Reminded me wholesomely of the love of Christ and I smiled a lot in between the Amens and God bless yous.

Her father, the Taxify driver genuinely told me that I had made his whole night and he was overwhelmed. I saw where his daughter got her attitude from.
Now I have three biological siblings and one adopted Ayomide.
My Taxify driver was an absolute delight.