Fans of Media personality Toke Makinwa have blasted on social media for posting about US rapper Nipsey Hussle, while ignoring Kolade Johnson, who was killed by SARS operatives during the weekend in Lagos.

The TV personality had posted the photo of the late rapper, who was shot by unknown gunman outside his clothing line store in Los Angeles, and wrote:

She wrote:

What is in this life? You struggle thru it all and just when you find your soulmate, just as you are about to begin to really reap the benefits of the life you both dreamed of, you lose him to the cold hands of death

If you love someone, let them know today, hug them, kiss them, hold on to them and speak all that’s in your heart to them cos you never know if it’ll be the last chance you’ll get to say all you want to and nothing hurts more than the words we left unsaid. Tomorrow is not guaranteed people…So sad

If you don’t love someone, let them go too, let them have a fair chance at finding their own love. Life is too short

However, some of her followers felt she was being hypocritical and immediately called her out. See their comments below