Authorities in Ghana have announced plan to sue producers of Black Panther movie, over alleged patent and copyright breaches. Producers of the record breaking Marvel movie, were accused of using the country’s famous and celebrated traditional fabric, Kente, in some of its scenes without appropriate permission. According to the Ghana National Folklore Board, Marvel ought to have gotten from them according to the copyright laws before using the traditional Kente fabric in the film that broke several box office records netting 1.344 billion dollars as of May 22, 2018.

3news reported that though Ghana National Folklore Board are yet to officially write Marvel to express its concerns regarding the alleged breaches and accordingly serve notice of a possible suit, however preparations to possibly sue the producers of Black Panther movie has already began. Ms Adobea who spoke on behalf of the board said “We are preparing a legal dossier. The strategy is that we are not going in for a fight,” she indicated, adding “it is not adversarial”. Adobea who further explained that permissions are not required of anyone intending to use any of the Ghanaian symbols and folklore in a customary context or for personal use, also added that the Board will “sit down with them [Marvel Studios], negotiate as to how they can compensate [Ghana] because they were to come for permission but they did not”.