Bearded woman who feared she would never get married because of her beard had finally found love and they have tied the knot at a Christian-Satanist ceremony.

The elated bride took to Facebook to write about her fears, when Tobias Braddock, 45, reached out to her and asked her out.

They got married in a Christian-Satanist ceremony to celebrate both their religions. The ceremony took place near Little Bear’s home in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

The Facebook post was the first time the pair met. They first met through an online polyamory group in 2014

The bearded women has polycystic ovary syndrome since she was 14 – a condition affecting fertility and often causing weight gain and excessive body hair, including on her face. The condition got her worried that she would never meet someone who would see beyond her beard.

Little Bear said:

I’d had relationships in the past, but they all fell apart, so I was feeling pretty low.
I was worried that I’d never be able to find a person who could see past my beard.
So I wrote a post on Facebook and then an hour later I got a message from Tobias saying that he hoped it didn’t come across as too opportunistic, but he would love to take me out.

The couple got engaged and on February 24 this year they tied the knot. The ceremony was attended by 40 friends and family at a special venue for ex-military personnel.

She continued:

Tobias is a Satanist whereas I am a Christian, which might sound like we are at odds with one another.
But really, we have the same ethical codes – we just express them through different means.

Their relationship is far polyamorous, meaning they can have relationships with other people.

Little Bear said:

In the same way that you can love several of your children or friends, Tobias and I believe that you can be in love with multiple partners.

But that doesn’t at all detract from the love I feel for him. Really, he’s the first man that I have felt totally comfortable with, who loves me for the person I am – beard and all